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Name: Dangan Ronpa Another Episode - OST - The warriors of Hope
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Poppies are an annual flower that are frequently associated with death or eternal sleep.”

Every rose color has a different meaning. The black rose stands for death or farewell.” [X]

drew this for frankieeee

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yeah sure wish we had a key


What if Ren really bit Aobaby’s cheek?

I’m so gomen I got so lazy but I want to draw it soB


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123D Catch is an I-Phone and Android App that allows you to create 3D models by taking a bunch of pictures from various directions. These models can later be 3D printed. (Website)

Y O U    W O U L D N ’ T    D O W N L O A D    A    P E R S O N




Sly is mad at Koujaku. Really mad. He starts to take off his boot to throw it right at that bastard’s stupid face. He struggles to take the boot off. It’s not working. He loses his balance and falls over. Sly lays on the floor, defeated.

Koujaku has seen Sly fall so he decides to just take the boot off for him and throws it at himself to make Sly feel better.

Sly is too ashamed of his failure to appreciate the sentiment. Koujaku just lays down next to him on the floor. Sly weakly slaps him, but to no avail.

"It’s just not the same"


I got a new pen just for overload this weekend / o \



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